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Powered by data science and machine learning technology, we focus on culture, building consistency from top to bottom, to unleash the power and energy of every individual in your organization.

Our product, Cultura, provides organizations with a high-fidelity measurement tool of the impact of their initiatives on employee behaviors and attitudes.

Cultura’s solution is predicated on a human sensor system that is based on a simple, weekly, science-based survey that facilitates a real-time measurement of organizational health. 

Cultura Solution

Measures cultural impact of initiatives and interventions

Shows changes in cultural elements over time

Monitors ongoing health in organizations

Enables comparision between different functional groups. Compares against the baseline


Ongoing culture surveys

Easy and mobile

Custom questions

Value Proposition

Help organizations to mitigate risk associated with cultural misalignment.

Uncover problems and measure success in anything from a new benefits program to your recent merger, or make informed decisions about moving employees internally.

Measure the level of your employee engagement and learn how it can be improved.

Learn how cultural measures relate to your company’s KPIs and performance metrics. Compare across teams, product, locations and other functional groups.

Do you want to create a workplace culture that will help you attract and retain the top employees?

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