When Erin Bury grew her company, it was time to turn her attention to the cultural experience at Eighty-Eight. She knew a once-per-year survey doesn’t provide what she was looking for. Nor did another tool she tried: the questions were repetitive and employees were getting bored answering them. It was difficult to extract meaningful results.

In 2017, Eighty-Eight met Cultura when working with NEXT Canada. Cultura was one of the 20 companies accepted to the first NextAI cohort. Eighty-Eight selected Cultura to collect feedback and provides analytics to power their business decisions. Eighty-Eight identifies the initiatives that are being implemented in the company, and runs weekly surveys. Erin appreciates the ability to see the cultural impact of initiatives and compare by functional groups how employees perceive things in the organization.

Erin says: 

I think about our culture at Eighty-Eight a lot, including career development for team members, internal processes and tools, and team-building activities. It’s hard to know if we’re doing enough or implementing things correctly, and Cultura has been a great way to regularly take the pulse of the team. The team enjoys the quizzes because they’re simple and user-friendly, and I like them because I get insight into how people really feel about our initiatives. The Cultura team also interprets the results, giving me guidance on what to change. It’s definitely something we’ll continue with in 2018.”

There were a number of specific initiatives that Eighty-Eight implemented and were looking to assess. In November 2017 Eighty-Eight added Demo Fridays to the list of initiatives to evaluate. Demo Fridays is an event at  Eighty-Eight that occurs every other Friday. Sometimes the company brings external speakers to talk about developments that are taking place in different industries. Erin was looking to find out if employees value this time: do they enjoy Demo Fridays, and do they have preferences between external and internal speakers.

This information was important to learn in order to know if the company should continue spending resources and effort on this initiative.

Cultura deployed customized surveys to assess this and other initiatives. The data showed that employees enjoy hearing from external speakers on Demo days. It also showed that most employees do not have a preference for one type of Demo day over the other. The data clearly showed Erin that Demo Fridays is an initiative that should be continued at Eighty-Eight and is worth the cost and effort.

Organizations implement many small and big initiatives, and in most cases they measure how those impact revenue, sales, and other financial metrics. Often, organizations don’t measure how their employees feel about it – the cultural components of the most important resource, people. Not having this feedback loop, executives keep pouring money and effort into useless initiatives that may not bring any value. Have you implemented a newsletter recently? How do you know that it has a positive impact? Have you deployed a new communications tool and want to know if it is actually working? Did you hold a workshop for your team or the whole organization? Have you measured the results of it?

Cultura quantifies what traditionally is non-quantifiable. Understanding the effect of their initiatives has made a big difference for Eighty-Eight.

At Eighty-Eight, we had more than 75% participation rate! This is without utilizing Cultura’s gamification feature that is built into our product. People at Eighty-Eight understand that it’s a shared responsibility to keep their culture alive and healthy, as evidenced by the continually high participation.

By gathering important employee feedback Eighty-Eight can identify what people are feeling and act accordingly: selecting the right initiatives to continue and clearly seeing their value for the organization.