All custom packages include

An intake meeting with the leadership team to learn the organization’s vision, mission, and objectives in order to set up and calibrate the tool.

Ongoing weekly assessments that take at most two minutes per week from participating employees.

Full dashboard admin training and onboarding provided by the Cultura team.

A Cultura dedicated support team, available for data feedback, consultations over emails, in person, or via the phone.

Assessment duration and reporting frequency

Our minimum assessment duration is 4 months. You can select the desired reporting frequency: monthly, quarterly, or custom specified.

Cultura delivers a comprehensive culture report with:
❶ Highlighted data trends
❷ Full data analysis of comments
❸ Identification of problems and provision of practical recommendations with detailed implementation steps

Add workshops with world expert Dr. András Tilcsik

You may choose to include workshops with world expert Dr. András Tilcsik (Ph.D, Organizational Behavior, Harvard University) coauthor of the forthcoming book MELTDOWN: Why Our Systems Fail and What We Can Do About It (Bracken Bower Prize awarded by the Financial Times and McKinsey & Company).

Workshop #1 — Risk & Catastrophic Failures

A full-day workshop for senior management that includes a training session by Dr. András Tilcsik on risks and catastrophic failures. The Cultura team explains the culture assessment and improvement process and also provides training on how to use the Cultura software tool.

Workshop #2 — Avoiding Meltdowns

Dr. András Tilcsik provides a deep dive into why organizations struggle with complexity and how to avoid meltdowns. He describes the kind of accidents that can happen in your organization and explains steps to prevent them. The Cultura team presents a review of the findings based on data collected.

Workshop #3 — Action and Results

Cultura team leads a workshop with the senior management team. A summary of problems identified over the selected period of time, depending on the package. Summary of improvements and future approach.